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Odilon is a documentary photographer and creative explorer based in Savannah, GA where he lives with his wife Raquel and two kids Victor and Sofia.

He is passionate about photography, global affairs, and traveling.

Odilon Frazão was born in the middle west region of Brazil and raised in São Paulo. Since childhood, he has been passionate about visual arts and photography.

During his 22 years of professional experience in business and international relations, he has worked both in the private and public sectors. From 2007 to 2018, he worked for the government to improve Brasilia’s competitiveness, having visited over 24 countries to promote the region, attract investments, bring major events, and build up successful public policies on global education. This international experience gave him a global perspective and sparked a deeper awareness of the world's contemporary challenges.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that he decided to pursue his passion for photography and start a new challenging journey: to become a professional photographer and photograph Jerusalem from above.

In 2017, after two years of dedicated study and research, he photographed Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean Sea, the West Bank, the Judean Desert, and the Dead Sea, as a mean to explore the geopolitical complexities of the region. From the air, embarked on a doors-off helicopter, and from the ground, he photographed landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, ruins, sacred places, street scenes, and people of the region. As a result, Odilon created a remarkable photographic series portraying the region beyond its most broadcast dichotomies. Through his lenses, the sacred region, considered by many as impossible to comprehend,  is presented as a vibrant mosaic of Earth's religious, cultural, and geographic diversity. This adventure was an exciting intellectual challenge that profoundly impacted his worldview and shaped new life perspectives.

Odilon holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Santa Catarina State University and a Professional Photography Certificate from the New York Institute of Photography.


June 2019, Jerusalem: An Aerial Portrait, Catholic University of Brasilia

May 2019, Jerusalem: An Aerial Portrait, Legislative Chamber of Brasilia

August 2018, Jerusalem: An Aerial Portrait, CasaPark Brasília

August 2018, Jerusalem in Brasilia, National Congress

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